"Released in 2001, this CD is the second in a series of compact disc recordings from Conservatory Canada featuring Canadian Composers. The recording was made possible by a grant from Dr. Donald Wright (Toronto).

As a composer, Heather (Laliberte) Waldner's compositions are varied in style. In her music one can detect a strong Romantic influence as well as a kinship with jazz and blues idioms. Her work, Potpourri for Piano & Imagination, is a set of 6 pieces demonstrating a unique aspect of her style, while maintaining deeply rooted pedagogical aspects; something which is true of subsequent works. Classical training, love of improvisation and years as a ballet accompanist and keyboardist in dance bands helped to create the framework from which her compositions are created.

Her inspiration comes from different sources; however, the most prevalent, her western Canadian heritage, can be heard in Frontier Suite. Her love of travel is evident in such compositions as Airport Suite and Rails and Waves; not surprisingly, many of her compositions were penned while waiting in airports or while traveling."